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VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting established in 2014 on the basis of Russian Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering VNIINEFTEMASH, which since 1947 has been the leading institute of the industry in the field of pressure vessels.

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting historically helps various services departments of domestic hazardous production facilities of the industry in issues and problems that arise during the construction and operation of equipment operating under excessive pressure used in various technologies.

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting interacts with customers around the world in the implementation of construction and reconstruction projects in the oil and gas processing, petrochemical, chemical industries, the production of mineral fertilizers, providing essential and useful services:


Technical support.

Expert-Diagnostic Systems (EDS).

Legal technical consulting.

Compliance to Technical Regulations of Customs Union.

Translation of Technical Documentation.


• Design of pressure vessels: reactors, columns, tanks, heat exchangers. Development of technical projects: general drawings, technological calculation, strength calculation, safety justification, explanatory note are issued;
• Definition/selection of material execution;
• Carrying out calculations: technological, strength, including the finite element method and mathematical modeling;
• Optimization of technical devices and structures;
• Organization of equipment manufacturing at Russian and/or foreign machine-building plants;
• Development of operational documentation: technical passport, operation manual;
• Development of specifications ( Technical Conditions);
• Technological equipment production audits;
• Checking the design documentation of machine-building manufacturing plants for compliance with technical projects, questionnaires and specifications;
• Control of the equipment manufacturing process as independent consultants for compliance with GOST 34347-2017, GOST 24297-2013, Federal Norms and Rules .

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting specialists possess extensive knowledge base, have significant experience in the development of Technical projects, technical support and supplies of equipment.

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Technical Support:

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting provides technical support for pressure equipment intended for process units:

Imported equipment, designed and manufactured according to international standards API, ASME, EN, DIN, supplied to the Russian Federation, for compliance (non-contradiction) with the norms, rules and laws of the Russian Federation.

Domestic equipment, supplied by companies of the Russian Federation for export, for compliance (non-contradiction) with international standards adopted in foreign countries (API, BSI, IPS, GB).

During technical support, VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting specialists use their vast knowledge in the design of pressure vessels, apply the experience of adaptations and developments, their own methods and approaches that ensure compliance with standards and laws of all levels.

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Expert-Diagnostic Systems (EDS):

• Assessment of the technical condition;
• Technical diagnostics;
• Studies and research of the structure and properties of materials;
• Analysis of corrosion and erosion wear of equipment;
• Engineering and technical expertise, inspection control and acceptance of manufactured equipment.

Specialists of VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting perform complex tasks, including involving specialists from various scientific institutes, when conducting analysis, calculations, tests, drawing conclusions and issuing conclusions and recommendations for solving problems.

The work is organized and carried out in stages, in cooperation with the customer and based on the tasks facing the various departments of the company. Depending on the tasks, we practice a short-term operational, paid by the customer, primary visit to the site, with the aim of practical and visual acquaintance with the problems (list of questions) and offer a more optimal solution in terms of cost and timing.

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Legal technical consulting:

• Advising legal services and legal protection departments;
• Solving technical issues related to legal tasks;
• Assistance in claims for the quality and performance of equipment.
• Engineering and technical expertise for litigation.

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting specialists review the case, analyze the documentation and conclusions, if necessary, carry out their own inspection of the equipment for compliance with the characteristics stated in the documents, issue recommendations, including on turnkey integrated solutions.

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Compliance to Technical Regulations of Customs Union:

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting specialists carry out a set of measures to organize conformity assessment (declaration, certification) of equipment of process units according to
Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 032/2013,
TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 012/2011, TR CU 04/2011, TR CU 020/2011, including with technical support and performance of functions of a foreign manufacturer on the territory of the Russian Federation:
• Preparation of operational documentation;
• Organization of production audit and samples selection, annual inspection control in case of serial certification of equipment;
• Organization of the visit of an accredited testing laboratory and its experts to test equipment samples;
• Performing the functions of a foreign manufacturer (applicant) on the territory of the Russian Federation;
• Translation of technical documentation into Russian (various language pairs);
• Maintaining all written and oral communications with foreign suppliers in English and Russian.

VNIINEFTEMASH-Consulting specialists have implemented a many complexand challenging projects of certification and technical support of imported equipment, interacting clearly with process technology licencors, EP/EPC contractors, engineering firms, equipment vendors and subcontractors, providing quality project management and liquid communications in English and Russian.

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Translation of technical documentation:

• Technology descriptions;
• Basic design projects;
• Technical documentation and dossiers;
• Translation of various language pairs;
• Conducting oral and written communications with foreign companies on behalf of the customer in English;
• Participation in audio / teleconferences, in person and team meetings in English;
• Availability of dual language specialist who has received education in a foreign university and has a high level of English and native Russian.

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Company history

The history of VNIINEFTEMASH dates back to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated 13.08.1946 No. 1790 and the order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated 15.03.1947. No. 2349 - R, by which the Ministry of Oil Industry of the Eastern Regions was allowed to organize the State Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering in the Eastern Regions "Giproneftemashvostok".

By the decision of the Board of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on Science and Technology dated February 5, 1971, Giproneftemash with branches in Tyumen and Ufa was transformed into the All-Union Research and Design Institute of Petroleum Engineering - VNIINEFTEMASH of the Ministry of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering USSR and determined by the parent organization:
- in the field of creating drilling, oilfield, exploration equipment and tools;
- in the field of creation of oil refining, petrochemical equipment.

On February 24, 1988, by order of "Minkhimmash" of the USSR, the research and production association VNIINEFTEMASH was created, which included VNIINEFTEMASH and 9 machine-building enterprises.

Institute "VNIINEFTEMASH" was created in the process of privatization of the All-Union Research and Design Institute VNIINEFTEMASH on October 29, 1993.

2014-настоящее время
The VNIINEFTEMASH Consulting as a consulting division of VNIINEFTEMASH was established on March 24, 2014 with the aim of organizing work on engineering and technical support of pressure vessels, providing expert diagnostic services, confirming compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of Russian and imported equipment, as well as providing various consulting services to hazardous industrial plants, technology licencors, EPC contractors, Russian and foreign machine-building plants and engineering companies.


Alexander Anisimov
Chief Executive Officer
Nicolay Umanchik
Chief Investment Officer
Vladimir Zaharov
Head of Expert-Diagnostic Systems

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