ASME / API qualification and listing as suppliers for major worldwide EPC contractors and licensors

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To national machine building plants VNIINEFTEMASH offers services on arrangement and obtaining of qualifications and certificates as per ASME Sec.VIII Division I (U Stamp):

VNIINEFTEMASH provide general support and performs all necessary actions on behalf of the plant and completes all stages:

  1. Preparation: defining the subject of certification, obtaining all required standards, concluding the contract with AIA, assistance in preparing the quality manual, selection and training of the personnel to introduce the quality program

  2. Completing and filing an application to obtain ASME certification/ accreditation

  3. Support during verification of correct fulfillment of the criteria by the ASME representatives, and implementation of the ASME-compliant quality program.

  4. Assistance in eliminating the deficiencies and communication with ASME in case of requests by the committee.

Within the scope of support, VNIINEFTEMASH performs translation of all necessary documentation and assumes all project-related written and oral communications in the English language, and participates in all required meetings.

In order to improve the export potential of the Russian machine building plants VNIINEFTEMASH provides services on introducing the companies into the lists of authorized suppliers (procurement lists) of the leading global EPC-contractors and licensors to enable their participation in all global projects.

  • Completing all procedures and stages

  • Communication and receiving orders

  • Clarification of requirements and providing support during manufacturing

  • Communication and correspondence in the English language

  • Participation in negotiations and scheduled meetings

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