Services for Russian and foreign machine building plants and design organizations

VNIINEFTEMASH's vast experience in the design, materials science, development of welding technologies and methods, the determination and implementation of control methods for pressure equipment, in accordance with the Russian and international standards (GOST, ASME, EN), assists in minimizing risks to engineering plants in the design and manufacture of equipment.

VNIINEFTEMASH helps domestic machine-building plants realize their export potential by assisting and participating in technical meetings to obtain ASME qualifications, API, introducing factories into the lists of approved manufacturers and suppliers of equipment (vendor list) of foreign EPC contractors and technology licensers around the world.

VNIINEFTEMASH provides assistance to equipment manufacturers, which makes it possible to efficiently and impeccably fulfil all customer’s contractual requirements, including quality, compliance with technical specifications and operational safety.

Starting from joint participation in technical meetings, discussion and understanding of the Technical Specifications, design, inspection of the design documentation, drawing up a plan of inspections and checks for preparation and acceptance of operational and legislative documentation, participation in construction and installation works, construction, installation and commissioning, and other joint activities.

VNIINEFTEMASH offers foreign engineering plants technical support services and confirmation of equipment compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, which include design verification, verification tests in accordance with GOST, preparation of operational and permits and certification.

For foreign machine manufacturers and engineering companies, VNIINEFTEMASH offers individual premium comprehensive services based on a monthly subscription fee, including representative services, provision of an office and conference rooms for negotiations, monitoring of manufacturing requests, marketing support in accordance with the marketing strategy and marketing mix, joint participation in technical meetings and tenders, technical interpretation and translation services, legal and technical support , Consultation and clarification of the current legislation, rules, regulations and standards of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Union.