Technical translation of documentation

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VNIINEFTEMASH offers services on technical documentation translation by skilled professionals, each translation is checked by experts with years of experience in the subject industry.

VNIINEFTEMASH performs translation of the following documents:

  • norms and rules;

  • basic design and description of the processes;

  • data sheets and specifications;

  • technical and commercial proposals;

  • contracts and technical appendices thereto;

  • equipment dossier (specification for the purchased materials, welding log, manufacturing procedure, inspection procedures, certificates of materials, test reports, operation manual and other documents);

  • design documentation;

  • analyses (strength, hydraulic and process);

  • products conformity certificates;

  • patents and licenses;

  • operating documentation;

  • catalogs of products, materials and spare parts;

  • scientific articles.

Besides, services on the translated documents adaptation are rendered, in particular measuring units conversion, technical editing.

Benefits of translations by VNIINEFTEMASH:

  • accurate terms;

  • narrow specialization in technical translations;

  • experience in translation;

  • industry-specific coverage and focus: production, treatment for transportation, transportation, oil and gas processing, petrochemicals, chemicals, nitrogen and mineral fertilizers;

  • competence, adequacy, adherence to the style;

  • experts proficient in languages, having a practical experience and profound knowledge in the industry of focus;

  • responsibility and guaranteed correctness of the technical translation by VNIINEFTEMASH specialists

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