Services for EPC companies and technology licensors

The services of VNIINEFTEMASH for EPC contractors and technology licensers are distinguished by their relevance and effectiveness, assistance in avoiding serious risks in the design, manufacture, supply, construction, installation and commissioning work, confirmation of compliance of operational and authorization documentation with the requirements of norms, rules, laws of the Russian Federation and countries of the Customs Union.

VNIINEFTEMASH specialists are involved as experts and project consultants during negotiation of technical contracts with the end user / customer, technological discussions, basic design of BED, coordination of P&ID & HAZOP providing support during environmental and construction expertise, assisting with equipment selection & purchase, checking the design of equipment for consistency with the norms and rules of the Russian Federation, conducting applicable verification calculations in accordance with GOSTs, development, checking and editing operational documentation and confirming conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union.

VNIINEFTEMASH can act as the local representative office for foreign manufacturer when permits need to be obtained.