Services rendered

Техническое сопровождение закупаемого импортного оборудования, подтверждение соответствия

VNIINEFTEMASH renders a full range of services on technical support of foreign equipment.

Лаборатория неразрушающего контроля. Экспертно Диагностические Системы

Non-destructive testing laboratory of VNIINEFTEMASH performs incoming inspection and technical diagnostics functions in accordance with the Federal Law No. 116-FZ “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”.

Машиностроительный консалтинг

Providing services and consultancy in equipment design and manufacturing, including manufacturing localization in the RF for basic designs of foreign licensors.

ASME / API квалификация и включение в списки поставщиков EPC компаний и лицензиаров по всему миру

To national machine building plants VNIINEFTEMASH offers services on arrangement and obtaining of qualifications and certificates as per ASME Sec.VIII Division I (U Stamp).

Правовой технический консалтинг

Customers consulting in legal and technical issues related to the equipment quality and operability claims.

Технический перевод документации

VNIINEFTEMASH offers services on technical documentation translation by skilled professionals, each translation is checked by experts with years of experience in the subject industry.

Consultation on services

VNIINEFTEMASH specialists will promptly answer your questions and prepare a customized technical and commercial proposal.

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As an industry-specific research and design institute in chemical and petroleum machine building, an expert organization, a consultancy and engineering company within a single structure, VNIINEFTEMASH performs engineering, manufacturing control, supply, technical support and conformity assessment of equipment as a single entity on a “turn-key” basis and guarantees strict adherence to the baseline design and operational safety requirements, and compliance with the technical regulation.

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